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It's Time...For Salad Time!

Welcome to the home page of the midwest's own Sailor Moon Musical Tribute Group, the Salad Time Soldiers! We're an ever-growing group always looking for fresh talent, stage ninjas and groupies! If you wish to learn more about the group, visit the info section; and you can find out about our current members under the member section! Even if your dream role isn't open, feel free to apply for a role in the future! We look forward to hearing from you ^_^


October 1st, 2013: Oh man, lots of new stuff, guys!!

As I am sure you all know, there is a new Sera Myu, La Reconquista! We are all super crazy excited for it (some of our members even saw it in Japan live!), and it turned out really fantastic! With the new Moon, Satomi, I have given the website a "new" layout with all 5 Sailor Moon actresses. Our main conventions for 2014 have been posted, including where we will be doing our villain show next year!

Aside from that, everyone please welcome Ree back to the role of Sailor Uranus! However, we have lost two members, and the roles of both Astarte and Mars are now open.

Notice: Unfortunatly, due to my lack of knowledge witH PHP, the application page still has the old layout. I can't figure out how to fix this, so if anyone has any pointers, let me know! Please don't use the links on that page, as they will lead to the OLD website.